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Get to Know Our President: Angel Samvalian

Every great company has a great leader. For All Access Home Health, that person is our very own Angel Samvalian. No one has a bigger passion for making people are healthy and cared for, than Angel. She started All Access Home Health in order to improve the health and life quality of people suffering from Health problems and old age.

Angel has a background in the Medical and Health industry for over 30 years with a strong focus on nursing. She served as the account executive under Dr. Hillel P. Laks in the cardio-thoracic surgery department at UCLA. She also coordinated transplants before she became the Administrator at a surgery center in Las Vegas.

She is extremely passionate about advancing growth and delivering extraordinary results in the health and Medical field. By pioneering the concept of ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers) in her community, she established the very first free-standing Ambulatory Surgical Center in Glendale, California.

In addition to her involvement in the Ambulatory Surgery Center, she has also worked on several valuable projects including Community Clinics, Pharmacies, and has even begun to explore the Indio area with a desire to create another Ambulatory Surgical Center.

At All Access we are proud to have Angel as the President of our organization. If you have any questions about our services, pricing, or history, you can either email us at, or call us at 818-240-4663. It’s our pleasure to help you with any concern or questions you may have.

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