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Home Health Care 

Transitional Care Management

Case Management

     Every family recognizes situations when their loved one needs a little help. These instances usually come up during the threshold of old age, while recovering from major surgery or when adapting to a health management plan for illness or disability. Your love for family summons your obligation to help. We support you in every way; This is where All-Access Home Health, Inc. can be your trusty ally.

All-Access Home Health, Inc.. is a provider of home health care services. Home Health Care is helping seniors live independently in the comfort of their homes considering the limits of their medical conditions. We also help adults cope with the stresses of disability through therapeutic skilled services.· Our staff includes nursing care experts to help those with illnesses as well.

     Home Health Care covers a wide range of services. At All-Access Home Health, Inc., we provide services such as wound care, diabetic care, cardiopulmonary support, infusion therapy, orthopedic services, among others per your physicians’ order. Here are a number of the many benefits that you or your loved one can get from home health care services:

Less travel from home to hospital.

· Treatment is directly administered in the client's home.

A specialized care plan will be designed for each patient.

· One-on-one care ensures that the care services are properly administered under the supervision of your physician or a registered nurse from our agency.

• On-Call Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visits are scheduled and can be adjusted according to your healthcare requirements.

Direct coordination with your physician on your response to the current care plan.

Compassionate Care in the Convenience of your Own Home 
What Does Home Health Care Cover?
Better Care Starts with You!

Amazing service. The nurses visiting my grandparents were amazing and more importantly the office staff was great. 

They explained what exactly was going to happen, who would call, and who will visit our home.  If we had to re-schedule physical therapy, it was as painless as just calling the office. The staff would make everything work around our schedule.

I will recommend this company and would speak very highly of All Access to the doctor as well. 


— Nadia 

This company is truly amazing very organized and on top of patient care from all aspects. I was very pleased with everyone at All Access, from the office staff to all the Nurses and physical therapists that came out to see my grandpa. He is a picky guy, so if he likes them I would recommend them to anyone that needs it.

— Margarita

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