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Do you and your siblings want to sign up your parent for home health? Read this first!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Taking care of an elderly parent is tough enough for just one child; When you mix in more than sibling into the decision-making process, it’s going to be even tougher. When you analyze the situation, you think, “Okay, maybe it’s better that we have multiple siblings taking care of our needy parent,” or maybe you think since you’ll have a support group and teamwork, the whole situation will be easier… But, the team dynamic can turn into a very uncomfortable one when there are big decisions to make, and many people involved in making it. Some of these important decisions include:

· How to spend your parent’s finances?

· What should their schedule be?

· Which medical treatments should they get?

· What the living situation should be like?

· What will the long-term arrangement be?

· What should be done with the housekeeping and chores?

· How and when should transportation of the parent take place?

How to calm tension when it comes up

In terms of getting care for elderly parents, conflict is bound to come up between siblings. The conflict is going to be deeper then it seems on the surface. It’s going to be a huge help to you to be extremely patient, kind, and attending to your siblings. The times you’ll need these skills is when disagreement comes up in regards to where the parent should be living, what responsibilities should be taken by whom, and etc.

It’s also very important to keep in mind how your relationship and behaviors with each other were during your childhood as well as any current family issues or problems. Even though you may have family rivalries always understand that you guys are most likely sharing the same pain while watching your beloved parent get older.

How to Prevent Problems Between Siblings

The first think you need to de is wisely look into your roles as helpers of your parent and be ready to re-evaluate them at any time. Often times, the sons feel like they should be in control of the finances and property, whereas daughters feel like they should be providing direct at-home care for their parent, even though they might not have time to do so. To get around these problems, make sure you stay in your lane and contribute based on your capabilities.

The Best Home Health for Elderly people in Los Angeles

Having an extra helping-hand make a huge difference! A lot of siblings are able to agree on who should feed their parent, would should take care of the finances, etc… Even when there are any siblings involved, it is tough to meet all the needs of an elderly person. A home nurse or in-home caregiver is the perfect person to help with bathing, dressing, feeding and all the other necessary jobs.

At All-Access Home Health, we are beyond happy to help bless the lives of in-need elderly people and make things easier for their caring families in Los Angeles.

Get in touch with a member of our team ASAP, to lean how we can help your family in every way we can!

Call (818) 240-4663 today or visit us online here.

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