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3 Myths about Home Heaths that Just Aren’t True!

Before you read further know this one thing: There is a huge responsibility, importance, and beauty in home care. For our agency, it is our passion and joy to work in this field.

The greatest joy however, comes to us through knowing that families rely on us to take care of their loved one by watching over them and making sure they are safe. Our main goal of providing exceptional care at high standards runs through our entire team, from top to bottom.

But... There does exist many misconceptions about home healths and home care, such as the idea that (1) you're stuck with the same caregiver forever.... even if you don't like them, (2) caregivers don't truly care about their patients, and (3) home care is only for seniors.

Let's look into why those myths are not true.

1. You're stuck with the same caregiver forever, even if you don't like them

Rest assured that this will not happen!... Before we ever assign a caregiver, we inquire into the patients' situation to see what the best fit would be.

Of course, even after that, there is the possibility things still don't work out. No problem! It is your absolute right to request a new caregiver and absolute pleasure to honor that for you.

2. Caregivers don't care about patients

What an easy thing to debunk... Just read this.

Of course there will always be bad apples in the bunch. But we screen nurses in a very detailed and all-encompassing manner. So don't worry you'll be fine.

3. Home Care is only for old people

That's not true! Of course we take care of seniors, but in no way does that mean we don't have younger patients as well. The reason we have younger patients is because hospitals and insurance companies want to get patients our of the hospital as soon as possible. That's where home healths come in and are a huge help after treatment or surgeries to help patients recuperate.

All Access Home Health in Los Angeles

If any of these reasons were causing you not to look into home nursing for yourself or a loved one, we hope some of your stress was cleared away. Please feel free to call us at (818) 243-9999 if you have any more questions, or to discuss whether All Access Home Heath is the perfect home care solution for you!

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